Monday, June 8, 2015

Class, B-Roll, Editing

For the 2015 Navajo Oral History Project, Monday, June 8, was a work day. Class started at 8 a.m. and each of the four journalism groups reported on their progress so far, and showed the whole class a few segments of their video project. Constructive feedback was offered and notes were taken.
(Editor's note: All four groups made presentations. The blog photographer-editor was so engrossed in the presentations, he forgot to take photos until Jake Hilsabeck showed the fourth group's raw video footage.)

After class, the groups got together and worked on other aspects of their projects. Some finished transcribing interviews. Others began shooting B-Roll video to add character to their story lines. Still others began editing video into logical narrative structures.

The group enjoyed the quality food in the Diné College Cafeteria for lunch and dinner. While this may sound like a back-handed compliment... it's not. The food in the cafeteria really is good: plenty of variety, healthy options, excellent taste, and reasonably priced.

As is usual with the WSU group, for a little relaxation break, several members played a short round of freestyle disc golf on the Diné College campus.

During "The Golden Hour" just before sunset, Jake Hilsabeck, Jordan Gerard and Sam Stetzer went to shoot aerial B-roll video footage using the WSU Mass Communication Department's Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-- what many people refer to as a drone.
The next two photos are by Jake Hilsabeck-- the second one shot from the UAV.

Tuesday will be much the same, with more work occurring on projects. Then, Wednesday is the last full day on the Navajo Nation for the Winona State University students.

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