Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New WSU Book by Bill Meyer & Tom Grier

Book Released -- Campus Of Trees: Winona State University

In February 2011, Winona State University released a new book about the variety and beauty of the trees that are found all over the university grounds. “Campus of Trees: Winona State University,” was written by Bill Meyer and Tom Grier, and photographed by Tom Grier.

The 127-page hardcover book includes 29 articles about specific trees on campus with a photo of the tree itself, and three photos of its unique aspects: the fruit, flower, bark, leaves, etc. Also included are directions for three self-guided tree tours of campus, as well as an introduction by Winona State University President Judith Ramaley, and a foreword by Gary Johnson, University of Minnesota professor of urban and community forestry.

The book includes a list of all trees considered native to Minnesota; at least one of each are growing on the WSU campus. In addition the book includes an article and photos of the many colorful crabapple trees on campus, and another feature that focuses on the wide variety of non-native trees that thrive on WSU grounds.

Authors Meyer and Grier held a book launch event in mid-February at the WSU Bookstore. The authors visited with people who came to purchase the book and autographed copies of the book. Meyer is a retired senior groundskeeper at WSU; Grier is a WSU professor of mass communication and teaches journalism and photojournalism courses.

“Campus of Trees” may be purchased online for $20 at the WSU Bookstore website: All proceeds benefit the WSU Tree Fund, which is used to maintain tree diversity on campus and care for or replace damaged or diseased trees.

For more information, contact Tom Grier via e-mail:

Below are images of a few of the tree features from the book.