Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Final Projects are Near

I've received emails from several people in the past week or so, asking about the progress on our Navajo Oral History projects.

I've spoken with many of the students in the past 10 days, either on the phone, via email, or by Facebook or Twitter messages. They assure me they are finishing up their projects, doing final edits, cleaning up some images, video or audio, etc.

As soon as I get the finished pieces from all five groups, I'll be showing them to Dr. Cindy Killion here at WSU for her opinion. Then, I'll package them and burn them to DVD and print any needed accompanying documents, and prepare to send the materials to the Navajo Nation Human Research Review Board. They'll have about three weeks to look them over. I'll make a presentation to them and hopefully receive resounding approval.

Pending approval, we'll plan and host receptions to show the work to all interested people, and present copies to the elders. Once that's complete, we'll find a way to post the projects for viewing either here on this web blog, or on the WSU MCOM web site.

I know many people are eager to see the student's work. I am too. I'll let you know when I have the projects in hand. As always, thanks for your support for this important project.