Saturday, May 30, 2015

Peggy Scott Interview - Navajo Rodeo

On the sixth day of the the field work portion of the 2015 Navajo Oral History Project, one of the student journalism teams had their first interview with Peggy Scott, a retired educator, community leader, and social activist on the Navajo Nation.

Peggy lives with her husband, Eddie, in Chinle, Arizona, where he worked for the school district for 40 years, and where she worked often during that same time period, in-between other jobs and assignments for the Navajo Nation.

Several of the students did a service project, helping Peggy's husband with chores around the homestead. (Sam Stetzer in top picture, Tobias Mann in middle photo, and Reagan Johnson in bottom image.)

Inside the home, the journalism team set-up cameras and recorders, and interviewed Peggy for nearly an hour.
Peggy Scott (left) signs the participant consent form for interviewer Brandon Tayah.

After dinner back at the Diné College campus, the Winona State University students traveled to Lukachukai, Arizona, to attend a Navajo Rodeo.

Chops Hancock used his National Geographic and Sports Illustrated credentials and was allowed to be inside the fence on the rodeo grounds. He brought three of our WSU photographers with him: Jake Hilsabeck, Skylar Ogren and Tobias Mann.

It was fun to watch the Navajo Rodeo, and especially fun to see NOHP classmate Kyle Brown compete in the Team Roping event. Kyle is on the left in the two pictures below, riding the lighter colored horse. Kyle successfully lassoed the head of the steer; Unfortunately, his partner missed the heels.

Pictured above (left to right) are Kacie Mann, Kim Schneider and Taylor Nyman.

Below, Taylor Nyman and Sam Stetzer enjoyed petting the horse that belonged to the Queen of the Rodeo.

Back to the dorms for some relaxation and some work on the video files, audio recordings and photographs from the first interviews with the Navajo elders.

NOHP Alumnus Josh Averbeck joined our group last night (Thursday, May 28) and will be with us for ten days, offering help and guidance to the journalism teams. Looks like Josh was worn out after his first full "Grier-Scheduled" day.

The internet has been down on campus most of the day. This blog was posted-- slowly-- through a personal hotspot provided by Tobias Mann. Many more pictures yet to be posted, but that will have to wait for a more reliable, speedier internet connection. 

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