Thursday, May 21, 2015

ITV Class Continues

Day Three of the 2015 Navajo Oral History Project (Wednesday, May 20) included another ITV Class between Winona State University and Diné College. In this class, students reviewed some of the films from previous years of the projects and offered constructive critical analysis of the films -- with an eye toward how they will do their own projects this summer.

The class also discussed script-writing, narrative structure, and the importance of fact-checking, and re-checking for accuracy.

(above two photos by Prof. Miranda Haskie)

Several class members helped go through the equipment that will be part of this project: video cameras, digital still cameras, audio recorders, tripods, battery packs, etc. The electronic journalism kits were checked for completeness, fresh batteries, microphones, cords, and all the accessories.

In the evening, the WSU students met at Prof. Tom Grier's house for a social barbecue, hosted by Grier and his wife, Julie. Following dinner and conversation, the group watched the film "30 Days on the Navajo Reservation" featuring Morgan Spurlock. It was a moving film about what it's like to live with-- and become bonded to-- the Navajo people.
(For those interested, the film is 41 minutes long, and is available for on-line viewing here:

One more ITV class is scheduled for Thursday, May 21. Then the students will prepare for the fieldwork portion of this class, on the Navajo Nation.

The students seem engaged and excited to be part of this project, which is bigger than just a college course.

The goals of the class are:
• Foster partnerships between students
• Experience a different culture
• Develop skills and abilities
• Inform and educate the public
• Create quality portfolio pieces
• Travel, Learn, Have Fun

As visitors to this blog will soon see, the students will meet and exceed these goals.

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