Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Names and Faces

Here's the "mugshot" list of all students and faculty in the program. It's kind of small on the blog. Click on the images and you'll get a full-size version suitable for printing.
Early in the trip, a few nicknames became apparent for the WSU members. Throughout the trip, more and more nicknames became apparent. Here they are, with explanations where possible and/or appropriate:

• Katie "Dorphus Poonschwabler" Boone - Long story-- this is her made-up name for a guy who works at Diné College that she and the other girls noticed

• Sarah "Thug Life" Botzek - David gave her this nickname. He had a reason. I don't understand it, but it sounds great.

• David "Asphalt Killer" Busse - he's a dangerous man with a pick-axe

• Tom "The Machine" Grier - No quit in this guy. The students saw first hand: when I say I'm going to do something, I keep plugging away until it's done -- learned from my father.
• Chops "Gump" Hancock - because of the many amazing stories he's told of world travel and connections with famous and important people

• Brandi "Dozer" Hagen - because of a little "eye-rest" taken during a class session

• Cory "Zoom Zoom" Hinz - this has something to do with his preference for video camera close-ups.

• Cindy "Mama Cindy" Killion - she knows how to keep the students well-fed, protected, and on-task on their projects.

• Jesssica "Deathwish" Larsen - she enjoys wander close to the edge of 900 foot tall sheer cliff canyons

• Andrew "No Sweat" Neumann - the double entendre here is important. Nothing seems to bother Andrew; he's up for anything. Plus, for some reason, in this altitude, no matter how hard he works he doesn't perspire.

• Steph "The Stump" Precourt - refers to how hard she worked removing a stump at one of our Navajo elders property (Steph has accumulated many other fun nicknames as well - perhaps you'll learn of more of them in the near future.)

• Kim "Horse-Whisperer" Streblow - because of her love of horses and the horse's love of her straw hat.

• Pete "The Animal" Swanson - because he's always climbing on stuff and because he behaves like -- well -- Pete.

• Matt "Goat-Chaser" Wandzel - If you've been following the blog, you know why.

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