Sunday, June 10, 2012

Camping Success

Blog readers will want to know the 2012 Navajo Oral History project group had a great time camping in Canyon de Chelly June 8-9-10.  Lots of great food, hiking, fun, conversation, and cultural learning occurred.  The Winona State University group is back at the Diné College dorms and are showering and napping.

Now that we have reliable internet and phone service, students will probably be calling, texting or emailing their parents and friends.  The blog will be updated later tonight with many photos and some description of the group's many activities.

-- Doctor Tom Grier

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  1. Friends, we continue you with enthusiasm. Seguramnte these 3 days you have lived with intensity and the life you have to savor it every moment. By the pictures you will see you pass very well and from our homes we share your smiles and your adventure. Greetings We are in contact. Kisses to all!

    Babylon 9