Monday, June 6, 2011

Arrival on the Navajo Nation

Hello from the Navajo Nation.

The Winona State University group arrived at the Albuquerque Airport Sunday (June 5, 2011) around noon.

We packed the van and drove to the Navajo Nation. After a brief stop at the Window Rock Tribal Park and the grocery store, we continued on to Tsaile, Arizona, and the Diné College campus.

(above three photos by Alex Fisher)

We got all loaded into our rooms and then went for a walking tour across campus, playing Disc Golf along the way. (Disc Golf photos by Alex Fisher)

For dinner, we baked several pizzas we bought at the grocery store since we arrived on campus after the cafeteria's dinner hours.

Everyone was tired so we went to bed early, to get a good night's sleep and be ready for our first class at 8 a.m. Monday morning.

A couple comments from your blog editor, Tom Grier:

-- I'm sorry if you were looking for a blog update last night. We didn't have internet access until Monday afternoon. I'll try to do a blog update every evening. Often I don't get these done until very late. Some days when we're camping in Canyon de Chelly, or out in the field at various locations across the Navajo Nation we won;t have access to internet.

-- Thanks for following the Blog. We're pleased so many people are interested in our work. We hope you enjoy it and learn from it as well.

-- The students check the blog frequently as well, so I've opened the blog for comments. I know we'd all like to see what you think or try to answer your questions.


  1. From a former trip member, I can look back at these photos and the memories all come back. All of you are in for a treat and the trip of your lifetime. The returners can obviously testify to that fact. Enjoy the time there, immerse yourselves in the culture and learn as much as you can about everything there is. Enjoy everyone and start a fire with just a flint and no matches for me sometime!


  2. Thanks for your nice comments Matt. Your legacy, as a member of the first year of this program, lives on!