Friday, May 28, 2010

Day #13 – Window Rock

Today (Friday, May 28, 2010) was a more relaxing day as we near the end of our two weeks journey on the Navajo Nation.

We all woke up to a nice pancake breakfast prepared by Brianna Klapperich and Michael Ruka -- well, mostly Brianna. Michael apparently helped wash one bowl (the nickname "Uno" still fits.).

In the morning, working groups met to discuss editing and transcribing details and began putting their documentaries together. One group headed out to catch a secondary interview that had been arranged for 9 a.m., but the source was not present, so that interview didn't happen.

Prof. Miranda Haskie came by the lobby of our residence hall hogan and talked with all the groups and helped them with any final details.

After lunch in the cafeteria, we headed to Window Rock for some craft fair/flea market shopping.

Late in the afternoon we hiked up and behind the famous Window Rock formation.

(above five photos by Brianna Klapperich)

(above two photos by Jenn Westman)

(above three photos by Michael Ruka)

(above two photos by Sawyer Derry)

We ate a delicious and relaxing dinner at a local restaurant, Lee's Bistro.

(above five photos by Sawyer Derry)

Then we drove back to Tsaile to finish out the evening working on the documentary projects.

Around 9 p.m. we took a break from our work to celebrate two birthdays: Brianna Klapperich (May 31) and Jenn Westman (June 1). They both turn 21 this coming weekend. Ernestine Sanisya, a Diné College student member of our group, is celebrating her birthday on Sunday, May 30, but she was tired after our Window Rock visit and hike and went to bed early.

(above three photos by Michael Ruka)

We decided to celebrate birthdays tonight, because tomorrow night will be crazy busy as everyone packs and gets ready for an early-Sunday drive to the airport in Albuquerque.

Thanks for reading!

-- Tom Grier

(Sunset photo below by Sawyer Derry)

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