Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Day of Relaxation and Fun

Finally, a day dedicated to fun and relaxation during the 2013 Navajo Oral History Project... well, not completely.

Saturday morning (June 1), one documentary group that is focusing on a Navajo elder that was a Navajo Code Talker during World War II, wanted to stop at the Window Rock Tribal Park and shoot some B-roll footage of the Code Talker Monument in the park.

While the one team did their filming, the other students had a chance to talk, climb some rocks, or play catch with a football.

Then, it was relaxation for the rest of the day.

First, the group went to the Flea Market in Window Rock and shopped for good deals on Navajo arts and crafts, and many other items.

In the afternoon, most of the group rode horseback through Canyon Del Muerto where they saw more ancient rock art, and beautiful views.

Madison Duncan (left) and Shiloh Gulbranson

Adam Maciejczak

Cara Mannino

Skylar Ogren

Shiloh Gulbranson

Tom Hays

Danielle Wieczorek

Elise Nelson

Darin Strohmenger

Jolene Kuisle

Laura Humes

Lionel Harvey

Madison Duncan

Nik Strand

Whitney Harlos

The NOH Group Heading out in Canyon Del Muerto for a two hour ride.

For some reason, Danielle's horse was going the wrong way.

Whitney Harlos shot many good photos while on the back of the horse (not an easy task). Here, for the next 16 photos, is the creative work of Whitney:

While most were horseback riding, Robbie Christiano, Brett Gustafson and Tom Grier visited several of the overlooks that provide beautiful views into Canyon de Chelly National Monument and did a little bargaining with some local Navajo artisans.

Here's a view of the famous Spider Rock formation at the east end of Canyon de Chelly.

Brett Gustafson creates an image of the Spider Rock.

Robbie Christiano and Tom Grier posed for a photo in front of an old, dead tree above Spider Rock. For some reason, Grier likes this tree and has shot photos of it every time he visits the area.

Robbie made a good deal for this cool Two Grey Hills style Navajo rug.

The three wanderers made it back to the horse stables in time to see the NOH group return.

(above eight photos by Brett Gustafson)

Here's a photo of the 14 horseback riders immediately following their adventure.

The group then headed to The Junction restaurant, a place in Chinle, Arizona, that serves large portions of very good food, including several traditional Navajo choices.

Everyone was full and happy on the road back to the Diné College campus and ready for a good night's sleep before Sunday's adventures.

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