Monday, May 27, 2013

Last Morning in the Canyon

On Sunday, May 26, the 2013 Navajo Oral History project participants woke up early, had another great camp breakfast made by Flemen and Lettie Nave and their daughters, Becky and Kay. The group reluctantly broke camp and prepared to hike out of Canyon de Chelly.

Breakfast consisted of Spam, egg, cheese and potato burritos.

Before leaving, Lettie Nave gathered the group into a circle and taught everyone how to introduce themselves in Navajo and how to ask another his or her name. She also led a little circle dance, singing in the Navajo language and then posed with the the whole group for a portrait in front of Dog Rock.

The Winona students all gave Lettie a hug as they prepared to hike away from the Nave Camp and out of the Canyon. In the Navajo language, there is no equivalent to the word "goodbye." Most Navajos believe the sentiment in that word is too final. Instead, they say "hagonee'" which doesn't translate perfectly to English, but is something like "be well until we meet again."

Some wiped tears from their eyes as they left and expressed wishes to stay longer or to return soon.

The back window of one of our rented vans.
(above photo by Darin Strohmenger)

Back on the Diné College campus, the water level of Tsaile Lake surely dropped as everyone took long hot showers and then napped or relaxed. In the evening, many students relaxed by the fire at the center of the dorm building and got back to work on their documentary journalism projects, preparing for more interviews this week.

Laura Humes on her laptop in her dorm room.

Tom Hays, reviewing video in his bed.

Skylar Ogren, Darin Strohmenger and Brett Gustafson

Adam Maciejczak and Shiloh Gulbranson

Cara Mannino

Danielle Wieczorek

Madison Duncan

Jolene Kuisle and Elise Nelson share a light moment.

Laura Humes and Cara Mannino

Nik Strand

Danielle Wieczorek and Brett Gustafson

Whitney Harlos and Robbie Christiano


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