Thursday, February 28, 2013

Casual Navajo Oral History Project Reunion Held

On Thursday, Feb. 28, 2013, several Winona State University alumni of the Navajo Oral History project got together in Winona to visit, reminisce and reconnect.

About a dozen alumni spanning the first four years of the documentary journalism project came to the reunion, held at Brewski's Pub & Grill in the Riverport Inn.

"The reunion was put together in a hurry," Tom Grier, NOH director, said. "Often people who have been involved in the project ask why we don't get together more often, so I just planned an opportunity for a social time."

People gathered, enjoyed snacks or a meal and watched a rotating slide show with hundreds of candid photos from all the years of the student journalism projects. There was a lot of laughter and memories of fun moments of days spent on the Navajo Nation with classmates from Diné College.

Door prizes were given to most who attended, including caps embroidered with the Navajo Oral History project logo, and some tall pilsner glasses from the WSU Alumni Society.

Below are some photos from the reunion (by Tom Grier).

Josh Averbeck (left) and Robbie Christiano.

Kelsey Foss (left) Emily Gust, Brianna Klapperich and Josh Averbeck.

Josh Averbeck (left) and Elisenda Xifra Reverter model Navajo Oral History Project caps.

Katie Boone and her roommate, Chelsea, enjoy the reunion. 

Elisenda Xifra Revereter and Sammi Luhmann.

Kelly Kusilek, Elisenda Xifra Reverter, Matt Wandzel, Brianna Klapperich and Katie Boone all won Navajo Oral History project embroidered caps.

Sammi Luhmann, Robbie Christiano, Josh Averbeck, Kelsey Foss and Emily Gust each won a WSU Alumni Society pilsner glass. 

"This was sort of a test reunion," Grier said. "The big event will be this fall when we will celebrate five years of the Navajo Oral History project."

On Friday, Sept. 13, the 2013 Navajo Oral History project students will host a reception and premiere to show off their new films and welcome back to campus all alumni of the NOH program.

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  1. Wow! Looks like a really fun time! I wish I could have been there! Pretty cool that members from all 4 years made it!!