Monday, June 1, 2015

Another Interview

The 2015 Navajo Oral History Project students were on the road again today (Monday, June 1) doing interviews for their documentary journalism projects.

One group went to Fort Defiance, Arizona, for their second interview with Louva Dahozy, who was a longtime broadcaster on several stations in the southwest United States, speaking on issues related to home economics in traditional Navajo homes. Before the interview, they stopped at some locations in the Fort Defiance area, to shoot some B-Roll footage that might find its way into their documentary.

Her interview today was all in the Navajo language. The group has one member who is fluent in Navajo and another who understands it well. They will transcribe the interview into English, and it will also be transcribed in the written Navajo language. Their documentary film will include English subtitles in the sections where Louva speaks in Navajo.

Following the interview, the group enjoyed a picnic lunch.

Casie Rafferty got down and dirty to shoot copy photos of some historical photos of Louva throughout her life and career.

Jake Hilsabeck helped the Louva Dahozy interview group with a variety of tasks including shooting some close-ups of Louva and her jewelry.

 Each group member had their pictures taken with Louva.

The group has one more interview scheduled with her later in the week.

Another group went to visit Tony Goldtooth Sr., a Navajo language and culture teacher at the Diné College campus in Shipwreck, New Mexico.

For dinner, Prof. Tom Grier made one of his favorite meals: Beanie-Weenie and Tater Tots. Prof Miranda Haskie and her family came to join the WSU group for dinner in the residence hall and brought a nice salad and some roasted chicken.

The next two photos by Jake Hilsabeck

It was a delicious dinner, and the group is revitalized and ready for more interviews, transcribing and editing in the coming days.

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