Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day 4 - Della Toadlena

On the fourth day of the 2013 Navajo Oral History project fieldwork, the students were in the field again conducting interviews.

Several students went to Chinle, Arizona, to interview Della Toadlena a retired English professor of Diné College.

The students arrived in the morning and set-up to interview Della right away.

(above two photos by Darin Strohmenger)

Here's a sketch of Della by WSU student Whitney Harlos:

After the interview was complete, the group sat down to enjoy a delicious box lunch from the Diné College cafeteria.

(above five photos by Danielle Wieczorek)

(above photo by Madison Duncan)

Then it was time for chores. Della and her husband of 46 years, Lee, assigned our group to clean up a ceremonial hogan and pick up trash around their property as they prepare to host a Blessing Way ceremony in the next few weeks. The students felt good to help this nice couple and be a part of such an important ceremony.

(above photo by Elise Nelson)

(above three photos by Danielle Wieczorek)

When the work was done, the Navajo Oral History project group said goodbye to Della, knowing they would return for another interview next week.

The group stopped at the Canyon de Chelly National Monument to look into the canyon, and to peruse the cool artwork offered for sale by many local artisans who sell their wares at the overlook parking areas.

(above five photos by Darin Strohmenger)

(above three photos by Madison Duncan)

(above four photos by Brett Gustafson)

(above photo by Cara Mannino)

(above two photos by Laura Humes)


(above four photos by Adam Maciejczak)

(above photo by Madison Duncan)

(above four photos by Danielle Wieczorek)

Here (below) is a photo of Tom Hays on the edge of a rock overlooking the junction of Canyon de Chelly and Canyon del Muerto. Faculty leaders Robbie Christiano and Tom Grier weren't too happy about the danger involved in this scene -- but recognize that it's a great photo (by Jolene Kuisle).

Another group was all set to interview a traditional Navajo rug weaver, but that scheduled interview fell apart. Instead they worked to find another potential interview subject -- and goofed off a bit at the Diné  College campus.

In the evening, a few members of the group went on a short drive to locate Della Toadlena's childhood home near the college campus. They also stopped to take some photos of Bear Mountain (see if you can spot the bear).

Below are some interesting, entertaining and creative photos by Whitney Harlos and Skylar Ogren. These were taken while they were waiting for an interview with an elder. The first eight images are by Whitney Harlos.

These next five photos are by Skylar Ogren.

And just for fun, here's a couple photos by Nik Strand from the past two days.

And, finally, one last photo (for today) of Maverick, the local dog that now hangs around our Dorm building because he knows he'll get attention, and occasional treats, from our Navajo Oral History project students. (photo by Elise Nelson)

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