Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 21 - Class, Shopping, Service

Thursday was our last day on the Navajo Nation.

We started the day with a class, during which each student group talked about their projects, and their time line for completing their work. 

Around lunch time, we made a run to Window Rock and the Flea Market where souvenir shopping occurred.

In the afternoon, we went to Ruth Roessel's home in Round Rock, Arizona, and did a service project helping to prepare the grounds for a Navajo "Enemy Way" ceremony which is planned for this weekend. 

Thursday evening will be spent packing and getting ready for the trip home. 

This may be the last blog entry for awhile. More updates will occur in the future when there's news to report about progress on the Oral History projects.
Thanks to everyone for reading and supporting this great adventure.

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