Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day 16 - Relaxation

This is the first day of our journey on which we had planned nothing. I called it a "free day" or "catch-up day." Many of our group slept late, catching up on much needed rest. Others worked on transcribing audio or video or writing questions for the next interview in the documentary project.

Last night we found out the Diné College cafeteria would be closed all weekend. As many of you know, Cindy Killion is a great organizer. Quickly, she and several students planned a menu for the next two days' meals and headed to the grocery store for supplies.

Delicious frozen pizzas were dinner last night. For lunch, Sarah Botzek had help creating her specialty: chicken quesadillas. Mmmm, they were good. So meaty!

In the afternoon, most of our group hopped into the vans to check out the scenic overlooks that provide beautiful views into Canyon De Chelly. Wow. incredible scenery. The wind was whipping up, so Cindy and I were a bit nervous at how close some of our students ventured to the edges.

(Photo by Cindy Killion)

From the following three pictures, you'll understand how Jessica Larsen earned her new nickname, "Deathwish."  You may soften that to "No Fear" if you wish. Both are appropriate.

After a nice spaghetti dinner prepared by Katie Boone and I, we went to a Navajo Rodeo Cowboy Association Rodeo in Many Farms, Arizona. Most of us, other than Cindy, had never been to a rodeo before, so it was fun to see the action up close.

(Photo by Jessica Larsen)

(Above five photos by Cindy Killion) 

(Above two photos by Matt Wandzel)

(Above four photos by David Busse)

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